The Lassen View Garden Club
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Monday, October 13, 2014
Membership BLOOMS!

G A R D E N     C L U B     N E W S 

The membership in the Garden Club at Lassen View Elementary School has BLOOMED! This year, 100 students have signed up to learn about gardening and take an active role in growing food and other plants.

Lassen View teachers, Mrs. Cope and Mrs. Martinez, head up this year’s group which has been split by grade level in half in order to accommodate the large number of student participants.
Today, the K-2 group met and these little ones were intently listening to the teachers giving instructions about proper use of garden tools. “We will be using tools in the garden, and these are tools, not toys.”
After a bit of instruction, the group headed out to 3 raised planter beds full of weeds from the summer’s rest. Mrs. Barone began by instructing the students which plants were weeds and how to pull a weed with the roots still intact.
Students busily started preparing the area by pulling the weeds. The seeds are still in the packets this afternoon, but stay tuned as we wait to see how the Lassen View Elementary School garden grows.
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