Box Tops Rewards!
JoNeal Hansen

Want to see how much your class has earned so far in Box Tops?

Mrs. March           $25.90

Mr. Banner            $5

Mr. McClung         $32

Mrs. Chadwick      $11

Mrs. Heydeman    $22.50

Mrs. Thomas         $21

Mrs. Cope              $22

Mrs. Fraser            $15

Mrs. O'Brien           $19.50

Mrs. Piercy             $5

Mr. Graham            $12.50

Mrs. Howard           $5

Mr. Fischer              $5

Mrs. Gonzales        $7


Did you know there are coupons for food on the Box Top website?

You can Print your own collection Sheets HERE.

50 Box Tops Collection Paper HERE



                                            Great job Panthers!! Keep them coming in!

                 The money that goes to each teacher helps them to buy items that the class needs.


What I am
JoNeal Hansen

Ask your child about this song! We sing it after every Mindfulness assembly as they are exiting the gym.

What I am

Sharing Musical Talents with the Neighbors
JoNeal Hansen

Mrs. Fraser's students has been practicing a lot with their Recorders. You could hear them on the playground as they marched around the track, through the hallways, and even on the playground slides when they were working individually. The students loved to practice!

Mrs. Fraser took them caroling during Christmas time through the hallways and even in the neighborhood where some of the residents came out to listen. One neighbor was at the mailbox and got to hear their wonderful tunes.

Thank You Mrs. Fraser's Class for sharing your musical talents with us!

You sounded fabulous!

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