2020 Patriotic Program
JoNeal Hansen

Patriotic Program 2020


Lassen View Elementary School wants to thank all of our Veterans who have served and are currently serving in our military. 

The link above will take you to our Lassen View Facebook page where we posted our video. 

We want to personally thank all Veterans who came, and everyone who made this day possible. Thank you to Pathway church, we used their auditorium, and also their sound guru that did an amazing job with stage lighting, sound and playing our videos.


What is your One Word for 2020?
JoNeal Hansen

Our students are choosing one word for the 2020 year. What's your one word going to be? Make a family word for the year too!

CLICK HERE to listen to the amazing story of Stevie and how he found his One Word for the 2020 year. 

                    This book is being passed around by our teachers at school,                       hoping that each student will think of their one word for 2020. 

This is a great time for you and your family to come together.

Think. What can your one word be for your family?

Write this word down where everyone can see it. Live it everyday.

                          Some of our students in Mrs. Chadwick's class have                                                                   already come up with their one word.  

                                        Share your One Word on our                                         Lassen View Elementary School Facebook page!