Lassen View Families,

Tomorrow, Monday, May 31st is the Memorial Day Holiday.  We will see you on Tuesday, June 1st.  You will receive our final newsletter of the year in your email on Tuesday, June 1st or you can check it out on our Lassenview Facebook page.

 On Tuesday, June 2nd, every student will receive a leveled backpack with learning materials to help continue their forward progress this summer.  Reading every day will help students continue their learning trajectory.

This year we have gone digital is just about everything.  This includes our Bus Registration for next year as well as the ACE after-school program.  Please go to our website for more details in registering for bussing.

Finally, two important reminders.  First, we will continue to wear masks while on campus to protect all of us. We had classes at another school get sent home and we don't want to miss the fun we have planned for our final days together.  We also need your help in using our drop-off/pick-up lanes.  Please do not drop off students from the handicapped parking spots.

Our last day of school is Monday, June 7th.  Every child will get a Kona Ice for participating in our Fun In the Sun Day!  We are excited to celebrate together.