Principally Speaking

Lassen View Families,

Welcome Back! We are excited to be starting a new school with our Lassen View students, families, staff members and the surrounding community! A new year is full of new beginnings and we believe each and every student will accomplish great things. Our partnership is key to your student’s success. We strive as a team to find the best strategies to support your student and help him/her grow both academically and social-emotionally so they develop the tools needed to capture their dreams.

The fall season is here and with it, we begin our Cross Country season. Coach Feagin will be leading our kindergarteners through 5th graders this season. 3rd, 4th and 5th graders practice on Tuesdays and kindergarteners through 5th graders practice every Wednesday. Thursday is the day for Cross Country meets beginning on September 12th. Be sure to check our monthly calendar on the Lassen View website: to attend all of the Cross Country meets. Go Panthers!

We have many new faces on campus for the 2019-20 school year. Laura Smith is our new cafeteria manager and we continue to offer free breakfast and lunch for all of our students. Mrs. Talia Murray is our new 2nd-grade teacher and we have two new classroom instructional aides, Jackie Ramsdell, and Chris Smith. Our school counselor is LeAnna Mitchell and supporting her in the Wellness Center is Mr. Tony Dornbusch. Elizabeth Komar is working on-site as our Speech Pathologist and we have recently hired a new Health Clerk. It takes a village to support our Lassen View community and we are proud to work together assisting our students.

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend our first PTO meeting. We are currently electing new officers and will meet again on September 10th to begin planning the two biggest events of the school year. The Cookie Dough fundraiser is set to kick-off on Friday, September 20th. This successful fundraiser helps support all of our school events for the entire year. Friday, October 11th is the BIG day for our annual Harvest Festival! Mark your calendars as you don’t want to miss this fun, family-friendly event! We couldn’t do it without all of your support and volunteering!

Finally, fall is when we set our instructional foundations for the entire school year. By supporting consistent bedtime routines, healthy breakfasts, morning rituals and setting aside time for daily reading and homework, you establish the patterns that help your student find a successful routine for school and for life.

We look forward to working alongside you to make this the BEST school year ever!

Lassen View is the place to BE!!

See you on campus,

Caryn Emerson