Clubs and Activities

After School Sports

1. Cross Country (K thru 5th)

2. Co-ed Soccer (4th and 5th)

3. Boys Basketball (4th and 5th) Girls Basketball (4th and 5th)

4. Softball (4th and 5th)

Sports Guidelines

1. Students will try out for the teams and cuts will be made.

2. Students will have equal playing time (to the best of the coaches ability)

3. Transportation to the games and back are the parents responsibility.

4. If a team member jersey is lost, it will be replaced by the that team member at the actual cost of the jersey, plus a $5 handling fee.

5. If a team member gets a referral, that team member is placed on probation. A second referral means that team member is removed from the team.

6. Team members that are continually distracting at practices will be removed from the team at the coach's discretion.

7. If a team member cuts or misses practice, he/she will not play the following game.

8. The "Lassen View" way means that parents are expected to model good sportsmanship for all students. The "Lassen View" way means parents will NOT make negative comments or sounds towards the other team, argue with the referee/umpire, other team's coaches, or parents from the other team. Concerns or questions about the team will be addressed to the coaches in a respectful manner.

Student Council

Student Council offers leadership opportunities for 3rd thru 5th grade students. Offices are held by 4th & 5th grade students with representatives from the other grade levels. Student Council members help support the school through coordinated activities and community service.

After School Clubs

Garden Club (K thru 5th)

STEM Club (2nd &3rd)

Just Say No Club (5th)

Art Club (K-5th)

Royal Panthers (K-5th)